Case Studies

Welcome to Hippo's Case Study Library.  Here you will find examples of Hippo interactive play installations in a variety of pool types including teaching pools, leisure pools, and toddler pools.  Whatever your pool shape, size and budget, Hippo can provide something custom tailored to suit your centre's needs so please contact us to arrange a site visit.

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Magnet Leisure Centre Water Factory, Toddler Splash Zone, Teaching Pool

Hippo’s refurbishment was needed to increase visits from children of all ages whilst providing something special for the over eights age group. Hippo installed 2 poolside water cannons to squirt water at a selection of targets situated over the teaching pool. Water falling from the targets into tipping buckets provides surprise play to those in the pool below. A mini flume was installed to excite the over eights. A Splash Zone featuring sensory play panels and a refurbished customised toddler slide was provided for the toddlers. A total of 33 interactive water points were installed.

Danes Camp Leisure Centre Water Factory

A pirate themed water factory was designed to rejuvenate the centre and to sustain regular visits from families. Features installed included a pirate themed waterball with a 2 arm interactive mast, 3 additional interactive masts each with 2 arms and a pirate ship toddler slide. The features encourage children of all ages and abilities to play together and provide 26 active water points in total.

Concordia Leisure Centre Poolside Water Factory, Toddler Splash Zone

Hippo transformed the poolside into a water factory and the old planter island into a toddler splash zone to increase and sustain visitor numbers and business revenue. Features included a waterball with a 4 arm mast. This is linked by a span arm to a second mast with a tipping bucket and splash board. The toddler splash zone included an arch joined by 2 interactive masts, themed squirts, interactive water channels and sensory play panels.

Concordia has a total of 40 interactive water points.

Batley Leisure Centre Water Factory

A poolside water factory was designed to generate revenue and attract children of all ages and abilities to play, whilst allowing the teaching pool to be free from play equipment during swimming sessions. Features included 2 waterballs joined by span arms, a variety of interactive arms and interactive channels with fill and spill buckets.

This provided a total of 37 interactive water points.

Cefn Fforest Leisure Centre Teaching Pool Splash Zone

A poolside water factory was designed to generate revenue and attract children of all ages and abilities to play, whilst allowing the teaching pool to be free from play equipment during swimming sessions. Features included 2 waterballs joined by span arms, a variety of interactive arms and interactive channels with fill and spill buckets.

This provided a total of 37 interactive water points.

Dalton Leisure Centre Splash Zone

Dalton Leisure Centre was looking for ways to liven up their redundant sauna area to help increase and sustain regular pool usage and business revenue. Hippo designed a 56m² Splash Zone with a high level of interactivity. The project was looking to provide an inclusive play experience for children of all ages and abilities including SEN users and children who lack water confidence.

Interactive play features installed included a 4 Arm Mast centre piece with tipping buckets, a shark shower and a spray rail, which will provide anticipatory play for children aged eight and above.

Toddlers will have fun with the 4m long Snake Squirt which encourages tactile play. A set of 8 interactive play panels will provide an educational element to play and also provide a bright and vibrant interactive barrier around the splash zone.

A total of 16 interactive water play features were installed altogether.

Aquatrol safety surface flooring was laid in and around the splash zone, providing an anti-bacterial, non-slip rubber surface.

Torquay Riviera Centre  Water Factory

A Pirate themed Water Factory was installed to revitalise the pools beach area. The versatile features offer fun and excitement for children of all ages and abilities. The Water Factory comprises of a Waterball with 2 arms, as well as a span arm arch, which joins to a short mast. Both high and low level play will provide plenty of anticipation and surprises! There are a total of 23 active water points. It is anticipated that the play features will bring increased visitor numbers and revenue to the centre. An extra buzz will be brought to the pool by a pirate themed interactive toddler slide!

Expansion of the Water Factory is already being planned, as well as a refurbishment of the dated baby pool which will feature a selection of splash toys including interactive play panels.

Windsor Leisure Centre Interactive Play Platform

Hippo updated the facilities at Windsor Leisure Centre by installing a Triple Play Platform, with the objective of sustaining regular pool usage and increasing new business revenue. The bright and colourful Play Platform creates a strong visual impact and has a water footprint of 12m, providing a high level of activity per square metre. The Play Platform provides inclusive family play for all ages and abilities.

Interactive features include a high level mast with a large tipping bucket to provide anticipatory and thrilling water play for the 8+ age group. A spray rail housing 17 water nozzles is fixed on one side of the structure providing tactile water effects for users both on and off the platform. The family friendly multi-slide provides an exit that is enjoyable by all age ranges from 0-100!

Interactive play panels on the outside of the structure provide 360 degree usage of the structure and are designed specifically for the 0-8 age range. The surface of the Play Platform has been finished with Hippo’s colourful safety surface, providing an impact absorbing and non-slip rubber surface.

Wolverton  Suspended Span Arms feature

At Wolverton Swimming & Fitness Centre an interactive play zone was installed based on Hippo’s suspended span arms features. The aim of the installation is to increase revenue at the centre by encouraging visitors to use the pool outside of teaching sessions by appealing to young children and pre-teens. Two 7m span arms were suspended over the pool, each with a number of different features including shark showers, tipping buckets and water wheels. These provide a strong visual impact and plenty of surprise and anticipationary play. To encourage water confidence in toddlers a 4m snake squirt was installed on the poolside along with a selection of interactive play panels. The play panels create high visual impact and provide an educational element to play.

The features have been designed to be installed around the outside of the pool without impacting on other uses of the pool such as swimming lessons. There are a total of 40 active water points.

Brean Leisure Park Play Platform, Splash Battle 

Hippo has installed a highly interactive water play area at Brean Leisure Park, based around a multi-level play platform feature.  Four platform levels incorporate high and low level features to cater for a wide range of age and ability groups and allow play both on poolside and within the indoor pool.  Features include themed showers, tipping buckets, water wheels and spray rails.  An interactive mast provides surprise and anticipatory excitement and provides big splash play with its large tipping bucket and splash board.  Children can exit the play platform via one of Hippo’s exhilarating slides.  A multi slide will provide great competitive play amongst children racing each other to see who can splash into the pool first.  A single lane tube slide with special visual effects will add to the excitement.

A Splash Battle featuring squirting cannons enables children to aim and shoot water at a selection of targets, including a water wheel which then splashes the water onto those in the pool below it.

Finally a Splash Zone for toddlers and less water confident children focuses on sensory and low level play.  Features include interactive play panels, interactive channels, short masts, a spray hoop and a water web.  These features will promote tactile play and enable children to manipulate the flow of the water coming from these features.  Two bright and vibrant slides dedicated to toddlers complete the Splash Zone.

Dunes Splash World Water Factory, Toddler Splash Zone

Hippo has transformed the baby pool into a highly interactive water play area aimed at increasing water confidence.  A wide range of interactive play features have been combined to provide a unique play experience for toddlers and young children, with a variety of activities to cater for all needs.  

A Water Factory themed Interactive Waterball complete with a Mast creates a highly visual centre piece.  The Waterball provides a variety of low level play including fill & spill buckets, interactive hand wheels, jets and interactive water channels.   The Waterball is linked by a span arm to a second Interactive Mast.  The shark showers, Waterwheels and tipping buckets suspended from these features will entertain slightly older children.  

A selection of colourful interactive play panels and mirrored portholes bring life to the walls around the pool, are great for introducing toddlers to the water and provide visual and mental stimulation through play.  Interactive wall panels installed over the pools existing wall squirt jets of water from various points around the panels, and are popular for more water confident children.   

Finally toddlers can manipulate the water flow from a 4 way squirt station, and also enjoy racing each other down two under the sea themed interactive toddler slides to see who can splash into the pool first

There are a total of 25 interactive water points.

Leyton Leisure Centre Play Platform, Flume Slide

Hippo has installed an Interactive Play Platform and Anaconda Flume Slide at Leyton Leisure Centre.  The bright and colourful features have enlivened the leisure centre and created excitement and anticipation amongst customers, attracting more and more families to use the facilities.

The three tier Interactive Play Platform in the leisure pool provides inclusive play scenarios for all ages and abilities, and can accommodate a high throughput of children.  Toddlers enjoy racing each other down two toddler slides into the shallow beach pool to play with the splash toys including an interactive snake squirt, a mini mast and channel.  Both features enable children to have fun manipulating the water flow and encourage water experimentation.  A custom fabricated aqua themed interactive play panel fixed to the pool wall encourages interaction and development through educational puzzles and tactile features.  These low level features are great in encouraging children of all ages who lack water confidence.

The Play Platform has created endless surprises and excitement for the older children and includes 3 interactive masts with a variety of arms including tipping buckets, spraying water wheels and shark showers. The children love anticipating when the large tipping bucket will be full enough to tip onto the splash board and soak them from above.  A tipping trough enables children playing below in the pool to tip water and drench their friends!  Children exit the Platform slide via a two lane multi slide which leads to the poolside cannons where they can compete to squirt water to hit a selection of targets in the Splash Battle water feature. 

Finally both children and adults can ride the Anaconda flume slide.  The 48 metres of GRP flume slide takes the rider on a journey around the pool hall, outside and ends in an aquacatch adjacent to the leisure pool.

Hippo’s new features are set to provide a lasting legacy of water play at Leyton for the whole family for many years to come.  They are very versatile and can be updated and expanded in the future if required. 

Magnet Leisure Centre Speed Flume Slide

Hippo installed a 28m full pipe speed slide (800mm diameter) including aquacatch to add to the facilities success following Hippo’s previous Water Factory installation. The flume staircase and platform was finished with Aquatrol safety surface which also enhanced the centres visual appeal.

Splash Point Leisure Centre Flume Slide, Pirate Splash Battle

The build of the brand new Splashpoint After Leisure Centre in Worthing incorporated the installation of a flume slide and interactive play features. The features were designed to help ensure the leisure pool appeals to families and children of all ages and abilities, and encourageregular visitors.

Hippo installed a 44m open tube flume slide (1000m diameter) to entertain older children and even adults! A shipwreck themed Pirate Splash Zone was installed which included a treasure chest squirt, squirting cannons, a water shower, a themed slide and an interactive mast with two arms each housing two tipping buckets. These features provide great surprise and anticipatory play. Two interactive pirate themed toddler slides with porthole mirrors and spinning treasures were also installed complete with take-off and landing pads.

Guildford Lido Trio of Flume Slides, Toddler Splash Toys

Hippo has completed the transformation of the Guildford Lido into an outdoor water park!  Hippo supplied the design, manufacture and installation of 3 multi-active flume slides.

A two lane multi slide will appeal to all ages enabling racing amongst friends and family.  For the more daring there is a Kamikaze drop slide giving the rider a thrilling experience as they plunge down the slide into the waiting aquacatch.  Finally the Anaconda slide provides a more varied ride including twists to both sides as the rider snakes down to the end. 

Additional features include interactive play panels and interactive toddler slides installed in the two toddler pools.  The area has been completed using Hippo’s soft, anti-slip safety floor in both toddler pools.  The water depth has been reduced to 10cm allowing toddlers and babies to play safely with the interactive toys.

The flume slides have been positioned alongside the Lido so that they can be enjoyed without disrupting those using the pool.  The new installation has something for all ages and abilities which will help boost revenue and increase visitors.


Ladram Bay Holiday Park Play Platform, Splash Toys

Hippo designed, produced a visual Ladram Complete and installed a highly interactive water play area at Brean Leisure Park, based around a multi-level play platform feature. Together they developed a scheme to include a multi-level play platform incorporating 3 levels with high and low features to cater for a wide range of age and ability groups, both inside the pool and on poolside. It includes a twin lane multi-slide where children can compete against each other to see who can reach the end first as well as a low level spray rail which creates a water arch and shower to excite the children playing beneath. The colourful platform has interactive walls which feature a variety of fun games and activities and provides visual, auditory and tactile play. There are two additional interactive wall panels with Treasure Island and Whirlpool themes to inspire young children to be more confident in the water.

There are 2 interactive masts, one on the platform and the other located in the pool. Between the masts, is an arch which incorporates 4 small tipping buckets and 2 small water wheels to provide surprise and anticipatory play. 

The central mast in the pool caters for the slightly older children and features a large waterwheel, shark shower and pipe falls arm. For extra excitement the mast is topped with a large tipping bucket and splash board which creates a big splash and soaks children playing below.

The stand alone features within the pool provide low level interactive play for small children who could be put off by water cascading or spraying onto them. Features include 4 level water channels incorporating paddles for the children to control the flow of water themselves. There is also a themed toddler slide including mirrors and moving elements to bring more excitement and play. Part of the barrier rail between the paddling pool and the main pool incorporates a Snake squirt with a series of water jets along the wiggly body.

Hippo and Cresta have worked together on a number of projects, both indoor and outdoor at Holiday Parks throughout the UK. This established working relationship between 2 experienced and respected UK companies ensures that the pool, the filtration and the water features are all fully integrated and meet customer requirements and Industry standards within the tight time constraints experienced within this market sector.

Waterside Holiday Park Waterball, Toddler Splash Zone

Hippo transformed the toddler pool at Waterside Holiday Park into an interactive water play area for children of all ages and abilities, making use of the existing water supply. A unique combination of colourful low level play features have been designed to increase water confidence and learning through play in toddlers and young children, via exploration and discovery within a watery environment. A bright and vibrant water factory themed waterball is connected to the poolside water supply via an arch and features a variety of fill and spill buckets, interactive hand wheels and water jets. Children can turn the wheels to control the flow of water to the jets and can tip the buckets once full to spill water back into the pool. There are also two interactive water channels each featuring 2 paddles that allow children to manipulate the flow of water through them and back into the pool. The channels are fed by water jets on the waterball.

An aquatic themed toddler slide provides great fun as toddlers slide down and splash into the pool. The bright and colourful slide has a tactile surface with moving fish that the children can spin around, and porthole mirrors perfect for peering through and watching their reflection. Finally three interactive wall panels on the poolside feature underwater themed fun - Treasure Island, Sea Serpent and Whirlpool. The panels all have moving parts and mirrors which provide tactile, visual and auditory simulation.

Blackwater Leisure Centre Flume Slide

Blackwater Leisure Centre’s recent refurbishment programme incorporated commissioning Hippo Leisure to design and install a new anaconda flume slide. The bright and vibrant flume has been created to rejuvenate the pool hall and encourage regular visits from families.

The 66m flume slide made up of closed and open sections, takes children even adults on a magical journey which includes bright and colourful natural light effects and ends with a big splash as they land in a plunge pool! Magic shine technology is used to give a shiny appearance on both the inside and outside of the flume slide.

Hippo’s installation included a new steel spiral staircase with GRP step treads, which provides safe access and adds to the visual appeal of the flume construction.

The Park Leisure Centre  Water Factory

Hippo Leisure transformed the leisure pool at The Park Leisure Centre into a Pirate themed interactive water play area to appeal to children of all ages and abilities. The play area comprises a water factory as well as a variety of toddler splash toys. The water factory centre piece is a bright and colourful Waterball which includes a range of low level play features for toddlers including fill and spill buckets, handwheels and cannon jets. The Waterball has 4 arms which provide anticipatory play for older children in the form of a shark shower, small tipping bucket and waterwheel. Further excitement is created by an arch with a pelican themed squirt, more tipping buckets and small water wheels, enabling water to be squirted, tipped and sprayed onto children below. A second mast joins onto the opposite side of the arch and provides big splash play with a large tipping bucket and splash board. Once the bucket is filled by a water jet, it tips, splashing water onto the splashboard, drenching those children playing below.

Splash Toys encourage toddlers and less water confident children to join in the fun and include interactive channels and a selection of play panels. The interactive channels feature paddles which allow children to direct the flow of cascading water through the channels and back into the pool. Bright and colourful aquatic themed play panels will promote learning through play by providing visual, mental and auditory stimulation. The panel themes include treasure island, hidden treasure, swim challenge, sea serpent and whirlpool. A splash mirror panel providing light reflection, image and movement reflection adds to the interactive fun while a who pairs wins panel will bring out the competitive side of children.

Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre  Toddler & Children's Splash Pool

Hippo has converted the toddler and children’s pool at Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre into an exciting interactive splash pool. It is aimed at introducing toddlers and the under 6s to a water play and learning experience that they can enjoy with their parents.

Interactive play features have been installed to entertain and increase water confidence in a wide range of ages and abilities.

An interactive arch which features include a waterball and a mast which can house up to 4 arms will provide endless low level fun for those that are new to water play. It will develop their water confidence by tipping water from filled buckets into the pool, turning hand wheels to control water flow and being gently sprayed by water streamers and water jets.

There is a second water arch featuring a range of high level surprise and anticipatory fun including tipping buckets, water wheels and shark showers which will soak the children playing beneath them and are ideal for slightly older children that want wish to take their water confidence to higher levels.

A mini splash pad is a big hit with all ages and features 3 in-ground jets which will soak children as they manipulate the water flow. There are also a series of mirrored portholes where children can watch their own reflection and a snake squirt that has a wiggly body and gently sprays water into the pool whilst also forming a barrier between the splash pad and the pool.

An old whale feature was removed from a plinth within the pool and replaced with a selection of large and small fish squirts which are all bright, vibrant and visually appealing to children of all ages. A raised finger spray planter was also rejuvenated by replacing existing rocks with 2 shark squirts which fill a number of cascading channels which then cascade the water back into the pool.

Children love sliding down the mini flume and splashing into the plunge pool. Toddlers and those that are less water confident have fun developing their learning with a series of interactive play panels which provide a barrier between the plunge pool and poolside. The panels feature mirrors and bubbles and encourage tactile, visual and auditory stimulation in toddlers and young children.

The centre piece of the development is a colourful GRP lighthouse which features an acrylic window and an LED beacon for added visual impact. The light turns on when the wave machine is in operation. The lighthouse has replaced an old tree house feature and is clad in artificial rocks for realistic aquatic theming. Tiny tots will enjoy sliding down a toddler slide which snakes around the lighthouse and ends in the pool.

The play feature project was one of several undertaken at Guildford Spectrum in recent years and has been designed to facilitate future expansion when required. The installation is mindful of other leisure activities around the development being careful not to cause disruption to other activities taking place.

The wet play installation was completed just before Christmas 2014 and from January to July 2015, visitor numbers increased by more than 100 per cent compared to the same period in 2014.

Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Park  Suspended Span Arms Feature

Hippo has recently installed a range of high and low level water play features at Haven Holiday Park, Burnham-on-Sea. The indoor teaching pool has been transformed into a highly interactive, fun and exciting water play area aimed at increasing water confidence. A short mast supplies 2 interactive water channels with a flow of water which toddlers will enjoy manipulating through the channels and back into the pool. Older children will love the surprise and anticipatory element of the large tipping buckets, water wheels and shark showers which are suspended above the pool on a span pipe. High level water spraying, tipping and showering at regular intervals will create a big splash of excitement amongst the whole family.