Create an explosion of activity with a Hippo Water Factory!

Our bright and bold interactive water play features can be linked together to excite children of all ages and abilities. Span Arms can be used to link Masts and other features together, and bring the water to areas without a supply such as islands, planters and poolside.

A modular design enables you to build up and expand a Water Factory in several phases of installation.

Our innovative team can design a Water Factory to suit most pool areas budgets.

Custom theming is available.

I approached Hippo Leisure because we wanted to rejuvenate the pool attractions within the Leisure Pool.  We decided to have a Water Factory installed which comprised of a Waterball with extended arms, and additional water features attached, which can be enjoyed by both children and adults.  Hippo Leisure's Team worked hard to ensure that disturbances during the installation were kept to a minimum.  We have factual evidence that these new features have definitely increased our bather usage and income stream. We were delighted to have worked in conjunction with Hippo Leisure.  I would recommend Hippo Leisure to any swimming pool that is wishing to attract new customers and improve long term revenue.

Tanya, Waves Leisure Pool Manager, Torquay Riviera Centre

Water Factory Options

Reference Name Description Other Information
WF001Waterball and Interactive MastJoin an Interactive Mast to a Waterball with a Span Pipe with features to provide a great variety of surprise and anticipatory play at high and low levels.
WF0022 Interactive Masts including a Large Tipping Bucket with Splash BoardJoin 2 Interactive Masts and add a Large Tipping Bucket which will cascade water onto a Splash Board, soaking children below it. If you already have a Mast, why not add a large Tipping Bucket with Splash Board.
WF0032 Interactive Masts, Waterball and Large Tipping Bucket with Splash BoardAdd an additional Mast which can be located on poolside and linked by a Span Arm with features. This can further utilise existing water supplies and increase the level of fun in your pool.