Replace an existing water feature or rejuvenate an empty, lifeless area of your pool with a highly visual Waterball.

  • Choice of colours
  • Configurations to suit most budgets and pool areas
  • Custom themed designs available

Hambleton District Council has invested more than £70,000 in the Northallerton Leisure Centre including the installation of an Interactive Waterball with fill and spill buckets – to provide a stimulating and exciting play scenario for children. This project has gone some way to transform our pool into a state of the art facility for children and young people – one of our priority groups.

Tom Stuart, Assistant Manager, Hambleton Leisure Centre

Waterball Options

Reference Name Description Other Information
WB001WaterballA great way to introduce low level play in your pool. Toddlers will love the standard features such as the fill and spill buckets, hand wheels and cannon jets, which will help to develop their water confidence. A great centre piece for a Toddler Splash Zone.
WB002Waterball and Interactive Mast with 2 ArmsAdd a Mast to a Waterball for a combination of high and low level water play to entertain children of all ages. Please go to the Interactive Water Features section to see our Mast Options.
WB003Waterball and Interactive Mast with 4 ArmsAdd to the surprise and anticipation with 4 Arms. Please go to the Interactive Water Features section to see our Mast Arm options.
WB004Waterball All InclusiveThe ultimate Waterball fun! Splashing and Spraying from a number of water points and a custom themed topper of your choice will keep children of all ages and abilities amused. If you already have a Waterball why not add extra Arms, a topper or expand it into a Splash Zone with Interactive Water Channels and Mini Masts.
WB005Fill and Spill BucketFilled from water jets off the Waterball, and hand tipped to release the water.
WB006 Hand WheelsOperate a 4 way valve inside the Waterball controlling the water flow through the water jets.
WB007Cannon JetsHigh volume, low pressure jets that create a gentle flow of water into the pool or an interactive channel.