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Hippo Success at Elevate 2017

19th May 2017

Hippo Leisure had a great time exhibiting at Elevate 2017,  held at ExCel in London on 10th and 11th May 2017. Hippo promoted how their range of interactive water play equipment can support leisure facilities with their teaching programmes and encourage water confidence and physical activity in children of all ages and abilities. 

The successful event brought together experts from all areas of the physical activity sector including those working with local authorities, to tackle physical activity.

Hippo offer a range of water play equipment for all budgets and pools of all shapes and sizes, either indoors or outdoors.  The range includes water factories, toddler splash zones and big flume rides.

Please contact our sales team for further information on how Hippo can help you.

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Hippo Bring a Splash to Exmouth Leisure Centre

18th April 2017

Hippo have recently worked in partnership with Alliance Leisure to install a range of interactive splash toys at Exmouth Leisure Centre.

The bright and vibrant play features have been designed to increase water confidence in toddlers and young children of all abilities, including those who are less water confident.

Features include a colourful under the sea themed toddler slide with port hole mirrors. Toddlers can race up the steps at either side of the slide to see who can reach the top to slide into the pool first!

Four aquatic themed play panels are mounted onto the pool wall at water level. They feature a selection of underwater visuals as well as mirrors, which children will enjoy peering through to watch their reflection.

Two extra large interactive play panels infill the two central handrails leading down the steps into the pool. The panels will encourage toddlers and less water confident children to enter the water. Each panel features a colourful underwater design with a series of moving sea characters, games and mirrors which provide tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. Children can play with the panels from both sides.

Julia Goddard, Business Development Manager at Alliance Leisure comments: “The play feature installation aims to enhance the appeal to children and encourage more families to visit the centre regularly, therefore boosting visitor numbers and revenue. The team at Hippo have been a pleasure to work with. Hippo has worked hard to ensure the design of the play area accommodates Exmouth Leisure Centre’s specific needs. The play features have been specially designed so that they can be installed around the pool, ensuring that activities and classes within the pool are still able to take place. We will look forward to working with Hippo on more water play projects in the future.”

Alliance Leisure provides a unique solution to Local Authorities and Trusts wishing to develop quality leisure facilities with or without the need for capital expenditure. In addition, Alliance Leisure offers Client Support – a full range of Marketing and Training Academy solutions. APSE and ukactive award finalists for their Design, Build, Fund and Partnership service, Alliance Leisure has delivered over 100 projects with an investment into UK leisure of more than £60million.

To find out more about Hippo Leisure’s products and services email or call +44 (0)1752 771740.

To find out more about Alliance Leisure Services Limited, visit

New Play Features for Leisure World Colchester

6th March 2017

Hippo Leisure have transformed the Leisure Pool at Colchester Borough Council run Leisure World Colchester into a highly interactive play area.

A range of new, bright and colourful water play features are aimed at increasing water confidence by encouraging learning through play for children of all ages and abilities.

A pirate themed water factory has been installed in the beach area. It includes a waterball centerpiece with a variety of low level water jets including fill and spill buckets, handwheels and cannons. These features will be enjoyed by toddlers and children who are less water confident.

The waterball has a mast with four interative arms, one of which is joined by a span pipe to two further masts which feature a large tipping bucket and splash board, shark showers, water wheels, small tipping buckets and pelican squirts. These features will be enjoyed by fun seeking children and even adults.

Toddlers will have fun learning through play with a variety of splash toys including a squirt station and interactive water channels. A number of paddles can be used by the toddlers to manipulate the flow of water through the features.

A pirate themed toddler slide with a porthole mirror and spinning treasures, as well as interactive wall panels featuring Treasure Island, Sea Serpent and Whirlpool themed games will provide tactile, visual and auditory stimulation.

The upper pool has also been rejuvenated with a Pirate themed barrel falls platform now installed on it’s island. An extra large tipping bucket is gradually filled via a water jet and once full will tip splashing water into the barrel below where it disappears and then shoots out of hidden pipes around its base, spraying children playing nearby.

The platform also features three short masts, each holding one of the following features: large tipping bucket, waterwheel and shark shower. Three colourful extra large shark showers will sit in the river area and add to the fun by gently showering those below.

Chris Ling, Pools Manager at Leisure World comments “the new water play features are already proving extremely popular with families and contribute to enhancing kid appeal and overall visitor experience at Leisure World. We are delighted with the flexibility of Hippo’s play features, meaning that we can update and expand them in the future”.

Cllr Annie Feltham, Colchester Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Business, Leisure and Opportunities, added: "Every year our centre gets a million visits and we take pride in providing the best possible experience for our customers. Our leisure pool is a great environment for youngsters to build confidence in the water, whilst having fun through play. The new water features look great and I can see many families enjoying the new features in the pool for years to come."


Hippo to Exhibit at Elevate 2017

16th January 2017

Hippo Leisure will exhibit their range of interactive water play equipment at the Elevate Show 2017, stand AA7.

Hippo will promote how their play equipment can support leisure facilities with their teaching programmes, and encourage water confidence and physical activity in children of all ages and abilities.

Hippo’s play features inspire learning and development and help to break the barriers of fear of water, through play.

Popular Hippo teaching products include:

• Water factories which feature both high and low level surprise and anticipatory play features.

• Interactive play panels which offer a variety of aquatic themed games and activities whilst providing visual, auditory and tactile stimuli.

• Themed squirts which encourage children to manipulate water flow.

• Water tables and interactive channels which allow children to channel water using interactive paddles.

Hippo design, manufacture and install water features which can be tailored to suit pools of all shapes and sizes. Features can also be installed around the poolside or suspended over the pool tank to free pools (such as teaching pools) from equipment and ensure minimum disruption to swimming lessons.

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Hippo Bring the 'WOW' Factor to Flumes at Grangemouth

2nd August 2016

Hippo Leisure has recently refurbished two existing flumes at Grangemouth Sports Complex in Falkirk. The rejuvenated flumes have been enhanced to appeal to and stimulate an expanded customer base comprising a wide range of ages and abilities, and compliment the overall leisure swim experience. Both flumes incorporate the latest interactive technologies.

The 60m Blue Tube Flume Slide (Cruiser) provides a fast thrill seeking ride for adventurous children and adults. A fully interactive and exciting ride experience is created by a sound and lighting system which has been custom themed just for Grangemouth. The sound selection includes everything from thunder and lightning to rainbow lights. The lights are fully programmable across the colour spectrum. The other exhilarating feature is the Speed Timer Game which sets a challenge for flume riders to compete again each other to see who can get the fastest time! A display at the bottom of the flume shows the riders their individual times as well as the top time that day.

The 45m Red Translucent Tube Flume Slide (Bruiser) is aimed at fun-seeking younger children and families. Features include an interactive Touch Pad Scoring Game where the rider touches a number of LED illuminated pads on their journey down the slide which ring and switch off once they have been swiped. The riders score is displayed on a screen at the end of the ride, enabling users to compete against each other to get the best score and also beat their personal best! A music system provides further entertainment and riders can choose their own choice of track from Frozen to Kylie and even Gloria Gayner!

The sound and lighting systems on both flumes have been designed to require zero input on a day to day basis and can be updated and modernised in the future.

As well as the installation of the latest technology, the flumes have also had a full refurbishment to ensure an exceptional standard of safety and enhanced visual appeal. This has included replacement of all seams, bolts, nuts, repair of all existing defects and providing a seamless ride surface. Both flume aquacatches have been re-coated and non-slip surfaces have been applied on the flume start ramps, stair cases and exit baths.

After the initial refurbishment, Hippo Leisure came to the rescue by carrying out additional lining works to the Brusier Flume aquacatch to correct issues that had occurred due to flooding, which was beyond the control of the leisure centre and Hippo Leisure.

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