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Hippo Maintenance to Enhance Pool Safety at Guildford Spectrum

4th March 2016

Hippo Leisure are due to complete their bi-annual maintenance inspection at Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre this month.  Regular inspections are essential to ensure optimum safety and performance from play features and pool plant equipment, ensuring that the pool will not need to closed during busy periods to fix problems that regular inspections could have prevented.  The upcoming work at Guildford will include:

  • Inspection and cleaning of the wave chambers and gates, including the killing of any existing bacteria with Aquatrol
  • Leisure pool balance tank and competition pool balance tank inspection, cleaning application of anti-bacterial coating
  • Inspection and repairs to artificial rock work around the leisure pool
  • Underwater inspection and necessary maintenance of all 4 swimming pools
  • Play feature and theming service including any minor repairs if required
  • Inspection of safety flooring and any minor repairs that are necessary

 Hippo will issue a full written report with accompanying photos for each area of maintenance listed above.  The work will be carried out overnight when the pool is closed to the general public to prevent any disruption to scheduled swimming sessions.  Hippo's inspections and maintenance are carried out by HSE qualified diving personnel.  

 To book your maintenance inspection or to find out more please contact us.

Hippo Raise Money for Winston's Wish Charity

17th February 2016

Hippo Leisure, who are part of Manuplas Ltd, helped to raise money for Winston's Wish this month by participating in the Charity's 'Great British Brekkie' event.  Winston's Wish is a UK charity that helps thousands of bereaved children and their families each year through offering counselling, support and comfort in a variety of ways.  Hippo / Manuplas staff generously donated sweet and savoury goodies (homemade or ready made) and these were sold on a food stall in the staff canteen on Monday 8th February 2016.  A total of £62.78 was raised from donations given for the food items. 

To ensure nothing was wasted, left over food from the event was taken to the Shekinah Mission's drop in centre, a local charity which help people to recover from homelessness, drug and alcohol issues, offending behaviours and mental ill health.

Throughout 2016 Hippo / Manuplas will take part in more fundraising events to raise money for Winston's Wish.  The total amount of money raised for each event will kindly be matched by head office.

New Water Factory and Toddler Splash Toys for Dolphin Centre, Darlington

5th February 2016

Hippo have rejuvenated the toddler pool at The Dolphin Centre into a colourful interactive water play area designed to excite and stimulate the minds of toddlers and children and increase water confidence.  A variety of high and low level water features appeal to a range of ages and ability groups, with the aim of helping to increase regular visitor numbers and revenue at the centre.


A water factory comprising two masts are joined together by an arch which houses a shark shower, 2 small water wheels and 4 small tipping buckets which tip and spray and shower water onto children playing below at varying intervals.  A giant tap coming from the base of one mast spurts into a pair of interactive water channels.  Each channel features 2 paddles which allow children to manipulate the flow of water which cascades through the channels and back into the pool.

Tiny tots love sliding down the under the sea themed toddler slide.  Their friends are also kept occupied whilst they wait their turn playing with a range of moving elements on the slides tactile surfaces including spinning fish and reflective mirrors.

Finally a selection of aquatic themed interactive panels will help to develop auditory, visual and mental stimulation in less water confident toddlers and children as they enjoy learning through playing games such as who pairs wins, show me how to and whirlpool.  A selection of domes, mirrors and moving features will arouse further curiosity.

Hippo have designed the water factory to make future expansion possible to keep the toddler pool fresh and appealing in the long term.

Hippo attend British Holiday & Home Parks Association Exhibition & Conference as a Guest of Cresta Leisure

26th January 2016

Hippo Leisure will be attending the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) Exhibition and Conference as a guest of Cresta Leisure.  The event takes place on 27th and 28th January 2016 in the City of Westminster.

Cresta Leisure will have a stand at the exhibition with the chance to network with over 500 park owners and managers.  

Cresta Leisure offer complete service in all aspects of water leisure including swimming pool construction and maintenance, making Hippo Leisure's interactive water play equipment a great product to offer alongside.  

Cresta and Hippo have recently worked on projects together including the installation of a Play Platform and Splash Toy play features at Ladram Bay Holiday Park in Devon.  



Find out more about Cresta Leisure 

Find out more about the BH&HPA

Play Platform and Splash Toys for Ladram Bay Holiday Park

4th January 2016

Following the successful interactive water play area at Brean Leisure Park, Hippo Leisure were appointed to design and install a bespoke highly interactive water play facility at Ladram Bay Holiday Park in Devon, working alongside Cresta Leisure who had partnered Hippo at Brean.  Together they developed a scheme to include an exhilarating multi-level play platform feature and interactive features to provide fun for the whole family.

The multi-level platform incorporates three levels with high and low features to cater for a wide range of age and ability groups, both inside the pool and on poolside.  It includes a twin lane multi-slide, interactive masts, tipping buckets and water wheels.

The central mast in the pool caters for the slightly older children and features a large waterwheel, shark shower and pipe fall arm. For extra excitement the mast is topped with a large tipping bucket and splash board which gradually fills with water until the critical fill level is reached. At this point, the bucket tips onto the splash board which disperses the water over a wide area in the pool, creating a big splash and soaking children playing below. 

Over the past five years, Hippo have worked together on a number of similar projects, both indoor and outdoor throughout the UK.  This established relationship between two experienced and respected UK companies ensures that the pool, the filtration and the water features are fully integrated and meet customer requirements and industry standards within the tight time constraints experienced within this market sector. 

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