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Water Factory and Toddler Play for Dunes Splash World

20th June 2014

Hippo has transformed the baby pool at Dunes Splash World, Southport into an exciting interactive water play area aimed at increasing water confidence.  A wide range of fun interactive play features have been combined to provide a unique play experience for toddlers and young children, with a variety of activities to cater for all needs.  

A Water Factory themed Interactive Waterball complete with a Mast creates a bright and vibrant centre piece.  The Waterball provides a variety of low level fun including fill & spill buckets, interactive hand wheels, jets and interactive water channels.   The Waterball is linked by a span arm to a second Interactive Mast.  Shark showers, Waterwheels and tipping buckets suspended from these features will provide endless fun and excitement for slightly older children.  

A selection of colourful interactive play panels and mirrored portholes jazz up the walls around the pool, are great for introducing toddlers to the water and provide visual and mental stimulation through play.  Interactive wall panels installed over the pools existing wall squirt jets of water from various points around the panels, and are popular for more water confident children.   Toddlers will have lots of fun manipulating the water flow from a 4 way squirt station, and will also enjoy racing each other down two under the sea themed interactive toddler slides to see who can splash into the pool first.

Hippo have also rejuvenated an old non-Hippo play platform at the Dunes Splash World by adding two new short tube flume slides.  The area around the platfrom has been covered in Hippo's bright and colourful safety flooring with splash shapes added for extra visual appeal.

The new play features are sure to attract both returning and new visitors to Dunes Splash World this summer and provide splashtastic fun for the whole family.


Toddler Play at Keswick Leisure Pool

15th April 2014

Keswick Leisure Pool has been rejuvenated to bring a big wave of excitement for toddlers and young children visiting the pool this Spring and beyond.  Hippo installed a variety of interactive play panels, mirrored portholes and tactile panels around the pool wall.  The bright and bold colours will appeal to children and will provide visual and mental stimulation.  Parents will enjoy playing with their toddlers as they develop their learning through play with the interactive play panels which feature a variety of problem solving, memory, sequencing and symbol recognition skills.  Toddlers will also love sliding down the interactive aquatic themed slide which will create a splash as they land in the water.  Once in the water children can enjoy playing with the  spinning fish and port hole mirror on the side of the slide.   There is sure to be lots of fun and excitement at Keswick Leisure Pool over the coming months!


New Safety Flooring for Uckfield Leisure Centre

March 2014

Hippo Leisure have transformed the poolside and flume spiral stairs at Uckfield Leisure Centre with a bright and vibrant, non-slip, wet pour Aquatrol safety flooring.  The existing tiled flooring around the upper and lower levels of the poolside, including a ramp, podiums and steps were all included in the flooring refurbishment, a total area of 284 square metres.


As well as enhancing safety around the pool hall, the flooring will increase kid appeal with its high visual impact.  Children of all ages will love the poolside blue and sandy yellow water splash design.  The blue coloured flume stairs will be a hit with older children who can be particularly vulnerable in an area where there is a likely to be a large volume of traffic.  Hippo's seamless application enables stairways and pool areas of all shapes and sizes to be finished in Aquatol safety surface.


Hippo's safety flooring is very attractive to leisure centres due to the unique anti-bacterial inhibitor added during the flooring installation process.  This ensures that bacterial growth is minimised for the life of the padding, providing leisure centre operators with peace of mind towards the health and safety of their bathers.


Hippo also installed three mirrored portholes around the outside wall of the spa pool.  These portholes are very effective in providing colourful decoration around the pool and give great visual stimulation, as light reflects off the water and bounces off the mirrors.  The portholes do not require any water supply, are designed to provide play opportunities for children of all ages and ability groups, and will not interfere with any lessons or other pool use.


Porthole mirrors and other Hippo Splash Toys, such as toddler slides and play panels are ideal as a starting point for introducing interactive play into the pool, and provide a great opportunity for the expansion of incorporating more play features in the future.


Hippo Spices up Splashpoint Leisure Centre

January 2014

Hippo made their mark at Splashpoint Leisure Centre in Worthing by supplying a fun flume slide and a pirate themed interactive Splash Zone.  These bright and vibrant play features will encourage regular visitor numbers by appealing to families and children of all ages and abilities.  The features will also help to enliven fun swim sessions.


Hippo’s 44m open tube flume slide will excite and entertain children and adults.  The shipwreck themed Pirate Splash Zone includes a treasure chest water squirt, water cannons, a water shower, a themed slide and an interactive mast with two arms each housing two tipping buckets.  These features provide great surprise and anticipatory play for all ages.  They have a high visual impact and are sure to create a real sense of fun and excitement for children as they explore and experience life as a pirate at sea!


Two interactive pirate themed toddler slides with porthole mirrors and spinning treasures were also installed, complete with take-off and landing pads.  Children will love racing each other down the two slides to see who can reach the pool first!



Hippo Play Platform for Leyton Leisure Centre

December 2013

Hippo have recently installed an Interactive Play Platform and Anaconda Flume Slide at Leyton Leisure Centre.  The bright and colourful features have enlivened the leisure centre and created excitement and anticipation amongst customers, attracting more and more families to use the facilities.


The three tier Interactive Play Platform in the leisure pool, provides inclusive play scenarios for all ages and abilities, and can accommodate a high throughput of children. Toddlers enjoy racing each other down two toddler slides into the shallow beach pool to play with the splash toys including an interactive snake squirt, a mini mast and channel.  Both features enable children to have fun manipulating the water flow and also encourage water experimentation.  A custom fabricated aqua themed interactive play panel fixed to the pool wall encourages interaction and development through educational puzzles and tactile features.  These low level features are great in encouraging children of all ages who lack water confidence.


The Play Platform has created endless surprises and excitement for the older children and includes 3 interactive masts with a variety of arms including tipping buckets, spraying water wheels and shark showers.  The children love anticipating when the large tipping bucket will be full enough to tip onto the splash board and soak them from above.  A tipping trough enables children playing below in the pool to tip water and drench their friends!  Children exit the Platform via a two lane multi-slide which leads to the poolside cannons where they can compete to squirt water to hit a selection of targets in the Splash Battle water feature.  


Finally both children and adults can ride the Anaconda flume slide.  The 48 metres of GRP flume slide takes the rider on a journey around the pool hall, outside and ends in an aquacatch adjacent to the leisure pool.

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