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Double Local Splash for Hippo

May 2013

Hippo has created a splash at two local leisure centres in time for the summer.  The installation of a pirate themed Water Factory has revived the leisure pool at Torquay Riviera Centre, whilst Hippo’s ever popular interactive play panels have brightened up Saltash Leisure Centre. 

The pool’s beach area at Riviera Centre has been transformed into a Water Factory that will encourage water confidence and swimming in children of all ages and abilities.  The Water Factory comprises of a Waterball with 2 arms (water wheel and shark shower) and a span arm arch (water wheels, small and large tipping buckets, pelican squirt) which joins to a short mast.  Both high and low level play will provide plenty of anticipation and surprises!  It is anticipated that the play features will bring increased visitor numbers and revenue to the centre.  An extra buzz will be brought to the pool by a pirate themed interactive toddler slide!

Riviera Centre is already planning a second interactive play installation to include expanding the Waterball with another mast and large tipping bucket with splash board.  The redundant baby pool will also be rejuvenated with a selection of Hippo splash toys including interactive play panels.

Saltash Leisure Centre has recently seen the installation of three bright and colourful interactive play panels; Diver, Who Pairs Wins and Splash.  The panels provide auditory and tactile stimuli as well as incorporating an educational element to play.  Saltash will be able to use the play panels to bring excitement to family and fun sessions and to encourage water confidence in the toddler and special needs user groups.

Hippo is able to offer a fantastic range of interactive water play features to pools both locally and throughout the UK. Features can be customised to suit most pools and accommodate a range of budgets.

Hippo ‘Olympic’ Mark at Magnet

November 2012

Hippo’s latest speed flume slide has been installed at Magnet Leisure Centre in Maidenhead, where record visitor numbers have been recorded and consistent high attendance figures are being celebrated.

The 28 metre flume adds to the excitement already provided at the centre with a water factory and toddler splash zone previously installed by Hippo. The flume has been fitted with an aquacatch to allow children a safe exit whilst enjoying as much splash and spray as possible.

Named ‘The Olympian’ the slide is decorated with bright and vibrant coloured stripes on the exterior and gives children a multi coloured light effect when travelling through the flume. The flume is designed to accommodate a high throughput of children. This thrill seeking ride with a steep drop to the aquacatch is not only popular with children but also adults!

Hippo are able to offer a fantastic range of flume slides which can be customised to suit most pools and accommodate a range of budgets.

New Brochure From Hippo Leisure

September 2012

Hippo’s brand new brochure is now available! Launched at LIW in September 2012 this ‘must have’ publication incorporates Hippo’s latest bright and colourful wave themed branding.

The brochure includes everything needed to create a wet play facility. Management and Architects can now make informed decisions regarding the interactive water play equipment most appropriate for their facility’s needs.

The brochure includes a huge selection of wet play equipment that will bring smiles to children’s faces including all ages and abilities. The Hippo range includes Water Factories, Play Platforms, Waterballs and big adrenaline flume slides. The brochure emphasises Hippo’s ‘totally customised’ approach which enables play features to be tailored to suit any pool or poolside regardless of shape or size.

Hippo also promote their expertise in filtration service and plant room maintenance, safety flooring and all-weather PU elastomer coatings, which can be applied to furniture or just about any other item in your facility to give a unique stylish touch!

Installation case studies and customer testimonials are used throughout the brochure, helping readers to make confident, educated decisions when determining how to bring life and generate new revenue streams at their facility.

Copies of the new brochure are available free of charge and can be obtained from Hippo by telephoning 01752 771740 or e-mailing A digital version of the brochure is available at:

Water Factory and Splash Toys for Water Meadows

September 2012

Hippo Leisure has installed a Water Factory as well as a selection of Splash Toys at Water Meadows Swimming Pool & Fitness Centre in Mansfield.

The centre wanted to update their features to increase regular family visits and kid appeal.

Hippo rose to the challenge of providing a range of play products to entertain children of all ages and abilities, whilst creating as much interactivity as possible in the pool space available.

Hippo worked with the Water Meadows Management team to incorporate their specific needs into the design to give it a totally customised approach.

The older children aged seven and above will love the big splash play that will be provided by an extra-large tipping bucket with a splash board. The bucket is filled by water jets and once a critical fill level is reached, the bucket tips splashing water onto the splash board below. The splash board disperses the water over a wide area before cascading back into the pool.

An interactive water arch from the poolside to the island will also add to the fun. The arch is made up of two masts and a span pipe housing a number of anticipatory play features including a resident pelican water squirt, large water wheel, shark shower and a tipping bucket.

Toddlers and younger children will enjoy playing with a selection of Splash Toys including sensory play panels, water channels and three different themed slides. Hippo’s Under the Sea Toddler Slide is the first to be installed and will provide fantastic interaction in the pool with its mirrored port hole and spinning fish with googly eyes. A kids Surfboard Slide and a Pirate Ship Slide are also sure to be huge hits!

Hippo adds a splash of interaction!

March 2012

Hippo Leisure’s innovative splash toys are proving to be extremely popular at leisure centres looking to rejuvenate their pools to create an unforgettable family experience!

A selection of interactive play panels and Squirtums will allow children to splat, squirt and spray together at Concordia Leisure Centre in Cramlington whatever their age or ability. The splash toys have been a successful extension to the centre’s water factory located in the pool’s beach area. This already included an interactive waterball, interactive masts, water wheels, shark showers, small and large tipping buckets and water channels.

The panels and Squirtums are a great way of utilising space on the pool side as well as adding excitement to pool fun sessions. They are also ideal for building water confidence in toddlers and children with SEN who prefer to play on the pool side. Squirtums will encourage tactile play and water exploration whilst the play panels will promote learning through sequencing, patterns and recognition skills.

The simple installation was carried out by the pool operator without the need to close the pool or disrupt the pool activity programme. The Squirtums and panels are both easy to maintain.

Blackburn Leisure Centre will be the next leisure centre to reap the benefits that Hippo splash toys bring. The centre is due to have a splash zone created in time for the summer holidays which features include Squirtum hand pumps, interactive play panels, a short mast and water channels. Blackburn is looking to target the family pound and increase visitor levels at the weekend and during the summer holidays.

For more information about Hippo’s splash toys or creating a splash zone in your pool please contact us on T: +44 (0) 1752 771740 or E:

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