Wet play safety is a priority for Hippo and is at the heart of each of our products and services.

Our special anti-bacterial Aquatrol Safety Surface is an effective solution to preventing accidents and injury in many wet play areas.

Safety Surface Features:

  • Anti-bacterial protection.
  • Seamless application customised for areas of any shape or size, including unusual or awkward areas.
  • Impact absorbing (approved critical fall heights).
  • Slip and trip proof.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Strong and long lasting.
  • Soft on children’s feet.
  • Available in a variety of solid and mixed colours.
  • Logos and custom shapes can be added.

The performance of the poolside safety surface has been outstanding with many positive comments from parents with young toddlers who are unsteady on their feet. The bright flooring has great customer appeal and is proving resilient to mass customer use.

Jes Spencer, Centre Manager, Windsor Leisure Centre

Safety Surface Options

Name Description Other Information
PoolsideAny size area can be covered. Price subject to site survey.
WalkwaysKeep your walkways free from bateria. Price subject to site survey.
Stair CasesStair cases of any shape or size can be covered. Price subject to site survey.
Slide Take Off & Landing PadsCustom made pads of any shape or size. Price subject to site survey.