Interactive Play » Teaching Pools

Hippo can provide just as much fun and play in and around teaching/learner pools as they can in leisure pools. This can be achieved without disrupting teaching programmes where such equipment is not required.


Benefits of using interactive water play equipment in and around teaching pools:

  • Increase water confidence and swimming in children of all ages and abilities
  • Help to break barriers of any fear of water
  • Encourage those with SEN
  • Encourage learning and development through play
  • Provide high visual impact


Hippo play feature installation options:

  • At the side of a teaching pool e.g. water factories and play platforms.
  • Above the pool e.g. arches with surprise and anticipatory interactive features.
  • Flumes complete with aqua catch can be located along the side of the pool.
  • Interactive Play Panels are popular along the walls of the pool and swimming pool hall.
  • Interactive Panels can also be mounted on legs and located around the edge of the pool.
  • Floatys are great examples of features that can be used within the pool and removed after each session if necessary.
  • All of the above options minimise disruption to pool programmes and sessions which do not wish to use the equipment.


Hippo have experienced meeting with many leisure centre managers who have teaching pools and feel that interactive water play equipment is not suitable for their pool. Hippo is happy to confirm that this is definitely not the case and have many success stories of how they have transformed such pools!

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