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Welcome to Hippo Leisure!  We are designers, manufacturers and installers of interactive water play equipment. We provide full service and maintenance engineering support for all filtration and pool plant equipment.

We are a full service swimming pool and interactive water play company. Our services and expertise reach from the plant room to putting smiles on children’s faces. Our team’s experience spans over 20 years of working within the swimming pool, leisure and water fun industry.

Our expertise in water play has developed through the close study of our Little Hippo Kid Consultants. From wobbly toddlers to the confident pre-teens we have developed products to capture and excite all ages and abilities.

Hippo’s research has proven that interactive pool play equipment will attract and retain customers and increase long term revenue.  Our play features are an excellent investment for any wet leisure facility.

Windsor and Magnet Leisure Centres have both recorded increased traffic, local awareness and sustained visitor numbers following the recent installations of  Hippo wet play equipment.

With 100’s of installations over the world, our markets include leisure centres, municipal swimming pools, water parks, theme parks, holiday parks and hotels

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Hippo Leisure are Part of Manuplas (an Operating Division of Advanced Insulation Systems Limited).



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Hippo Leisure is a part of Manuplas Ltd (a division of Advanced Insulation) and specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of interactive water ...

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